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The Alcheri Edge

The power to execute your every wish is at your fingertips. That’s what we call the Alcheri edge. Get the party started with the perfect ambience, or tweak the ambient lights for your romantic dinner or get movie night rolling automatically every Saturday at 8 pm. At Alcheri, we’re all about giving you the power to fulfill your every desire, with the most minimal of efforts.

What We do

We design home technology and automation solutions based on your needs, lifestyle and budgets. All our solutions are future proof to accommodate redundancy coupled with the capability to introduce future technologies, gadgets and connections looking ahead about 7 years. Being brand agnostic, we have the freedom to work with the best of products that are then integrated onto one common platform ensuring its simple and easy to use for a diverse set of audiences. We are able to ensure remote monitoring and repair in most cases so that your system downtime is close to zero. We create future ready spaces by placing you at the center of it and handing you the power to control your environment.

The Soundsmiths
is now

With over 17 years of experience in converting houses into homes and redefining lifestyles across the nation, The Soundsmiths offer to expertly integrate future-proof technologies into homes to a create seamless experience.

In a relentless pursuit of both luxury and performance, The Soundsmiths strive to remain brand agnostic while guiding clients through the ever-changing maze of technology. We design, install and take care of bespoke integrated systems that are crafted around the lives of our clients.

To bring alive a wonderland in your home, The Soundsmiths has evolved to now be called…Alcheri. While a dream is a refraction of reality, in an Alcheri, the reality is the refraction of the dream. A reality that can be reshaped with a touch. Your reality, reshaped by your touch.