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Complete Home Automation

We all know that practice makes for perfection. But not when it comes to things like switching your everyday appliances on and off. After all, you can’t get better at turning your air conditioner and water heater on and off. At Alcheri, we understand the value of taking these mundane tasks off your plate and giving you complete peace of mind. That’s why our customized home automation solutions revolve around letting you do the things you love. So walk out of rooms and let the lights automatically shut down. Or, enter rooms that are already alive and ready to welcome you with the right temperature, the right ambience and the shades drawn, just like you like them. The best part of automation is that, while it’s obviously a luxury, it also helps build a greener and better future through immense power savings.

Create lighting to match your every mood. The dimming also allows you to create design accents to highlight aesthetical beauty. If it’s raining outside, you have the power to change the colour, intensity or brightness of the lights to feel like there’s sunshine inside. Watch lights dim when it’s time to rest and you can rest assured, they’ll automatically turn off once you’re asleep. Leave the neighbours in awe as you match the lighting in your lawns with the global astronomical clock. Rooms can even identify individuals and react specifically, while considering the “Time of Day”. With Alcheri, your imagination is free to run wild, while we do the rest.

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